ZYINET is a powerful, efficient cloud computing bundle that levels the playing field between small/medium businesses and large companies by providing

sales performance management (SPM) services

at a fraction of the cost. SPM services empower businesses with greater profit and increased sales and operating performance, as well as real–time tracking and communication between reps, leaders, distributors and manufacturers. Spend less time tracking commissions and more time closing deals!
ZYINET is designed to give small/medium businesses access to these important tools while charging fees month–to–month based on the number of users. No other business software or


can optimize small/medium business order processing and tracking with the speed, accuracy, versatility and affordability of Zyinet. Zyinet's commission reports are accessible and viewable on demand.
ZYINET's greatest strength lies in its function as a SPM service bundled with a unique, ecommerce– like cart that can be adapted to interface with most any customer relationship management (CRM) package. Zyinet can be used out-of-the box as a turn-key service, or its SPM tool can be customized to attach to an existing business website's cart or order entry system.
Zyinet is the perfect attachment to any CRM software. Register now, or browse Zyinet to learn more.

Bundled Services

Zyinet's services in the cloud include:

  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • Commission Tracking Software
  • Aggregated Real–Time Sales Reports
  • Customizable Customer Price Lists
  • Multi–tiered customer and company access
  • Track customer orders in real–time as they are placed
  • Accurately and efficiently calculate sales commissions and compensations
  • Access only the data you need when you nee it; anytime, anywhere
  • Enhance productivity by motivating employees with real–time updates rather than waiting for day- or week–old spreadsheets
  • Keep overhead costs down by paying a monthly fee based on the number of users rather than a flat rate
  • Make the most of your existing systems
  • Trust that data is backed up and secure
  • Keep the focus where it belongs – on growing business – instead of on technology

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